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Exceptionally curious noodles. That’s what the Noodlers at Dumpling and Strand seek in every batch of our fresh-made noodles (never dried, always fresh!). Masters at creating noodles with a heavenly taste and toothsome bite, these Minnesota Noodlers focus on curious grains, curious shapes and curious techniques — thus forever changing the role of noodles on your plate. Noodles require few ingredients, so they should have very simple ingredient labels. Not only do we source key ingredients that are organic (whenever possible) and non-GMO, but that are also locally produced and locally milled, in either Minnesota or directly adjacent states

Dumpling and Strand

We offer 11 formulas and 13 different shapes, so the noodle possibilities are endless. Here’s a sampling of what you might find during the market:


1. Ramen

2. Gluten-free Ramen

3. 100% Buckwheat Gluten-free Soba

4. Rustic Durum Egg

5. Rustic Durum Egg Pici

6. Toasted Farro

7. Sprouted Whole Wheat Levain

8. Kernza

9. Toasted Basmati Gluten-free

10. Wild Rice “Minnesoba”

11. Sourdough Rye

Shapes: Long Form Strands

1. Square cut strands (ramen)

2. Tonarelli

3. Fettuccine

4. Extra Thick Spaghetti

5. Mafaldine

6. Pappardelle

7. Pici

Short Forms – Dumplings

8. Campanelle

9. Fusillo

10. Cavatappi

11. Stradette

12. Strozzapreti

Misc. Forms:

13. Sheets

Dumpling and Strand Squid ink

The Thursday before a market day, we send an email blast to subscribers letting them know of any new noodle arrivals and full list available that week. Visit our website to subscribe: dumplingandstrand.com