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An hour east in the scenic town of Star Prairie WI, sits a gem of family fun and delicious cold water trout. Located on the bank of the Apple River, Star Prairie Trout Farm is a 150 year old trout farm that boasts 100% natural spring water ponds that stay 48 degrees year round. The benefit of this cool water temperature is that the trout grow at a slower rate, creating a denser meat, more flavorful fish, and eliminating the need for additives or medicine. The friendly, knowledgeable staff at Star Prairie Trout Farm work hard to make sure that the ponds are not over stocked to promote a healthy living environment for the fish that eat a healthy dose of natural insects as well as high quality feed. The staff move fish from the on-site hatchery to the waiting ponds where they grow and move up the maze of shaded, clear water ponds to large fish area. The trout that survive the hungry eagle population that are native to the area, are either harvested for some of the best markets and restaurants in the Midwest or caught by families enjoying a day of fishing on the green banks of the fee fishing ponds.

If you are unable to make the trek this summer to Star Prairie WI, do not fear. Star Prairie Trout farm’s fresh fish are available weekly at the Mill City Farmers Market. They offer fresh trout as well as a variety of smoked trout such as Garlic Pepper Corn and Cajun. All of their trout is smoked the day that they are caught in their on-site smoking facility.