• Scrambled Egg Bruschetta with Cheese Curds, Chives & Grilled Vegetables


Scrambled Egg Bruschetta with Cheese Curds, Chives & Grilled Vegetables

By Market Chef Heather Hartman

Serves 6.



In a medium sized bowl, break eggs and whisk with a fork, or actual whisk….but the fork is what I reach for as its easier to clean.

Have a non-stick pan, or well-seasoned cast iron pan on medium heat. Add the butter, let it melt around pan. Add eggs, cover, and turn pan down to low for 1 minute.  Uncover, add chives, salt, black pepper.

Stir gently with a spatula until a bit curdy. I am sure better words can be used to describe the texture, but hey, we are making scrambled eggs. Make it work!  I like mine soft, others like them firm.  Seek out your audience.

Add the cheese curds and cover.  Cook for 1 more minute. Do not overcook.  I love these cheese curds.  I like the gals at Singing Hills. I like goats. This will make everyone happy.

Cut the bread in half the long way and grill, cut side down. Cut the halves into slices, and rub with garlic if you like.

Spoon the egg and cheese mixture on top of bread, and add grilled vegetables.

Have extra bread on hand. This will drive them crazy, in a good way.  Best brunch appetizer ever!

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