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Note: December 18, 2021 was Singing Hills’ final date at Mill City Farmers Market. A big thank you to Lynne Reeck and her sister Nancy who contributed so much to our market for the past 12 years. With Lynne’s retirement in farming, she is leaving her legacy of regenerative land stewardship with an Agricultural Conservation Easement. This easement offers a more affordable way for farmers to access land and will permanently protect the land from development. Read more about the farm transition here and in the video below.

Singing Hills Dairy is a small farm on 25 acres of rolling pastures near the Big Woods State Park in Nerstrand, Minnesota. Lynne Reeck own’s and cares for 25-30 does of mixed Saanen, Nubian and Alpine breeds. She turns their milk into fresh goat cheeses such as chèvre, feta, cheese curds, semi-ages farmer cheese and seasonal specialties, supplementing her farm’s milk supply with goat milk from a fully licensed neighbor when needed.

Lynne grew up on a farm, but got her start in the farmstead cheese business apprenticing and working with cheesemakers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Her near-by neighbor is Shepherd’s Way Farms, another cheese vendor at market.

You can find Lynne at the market with her sister Nancy. In addition to goat cheeses, they also sell whey-fed pork and grass-fed goat meat.

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Singing Hills Dairy
Nerstrand, MN

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