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Singing Hills Dairy is a small farm on 25 acres of rolling pastures near the Big Woods State Park in Nerstrand, Minnesota. Lynne Reeck own’s and cares for 25-30 does of mixed Saanen, Nubian and Alpine breeds. She turns their milk into fresh goat cheeses such as chèvre, feta, cheese curds, semi-ages farmer cheese and seasonal specialties, supplementing her farm’s milk supply with goat milk from a fully licensed neighbor when needed.

Lynne grew up on a farm, but got her start in the farmstead cheese business apprenticing and working with cheesemakers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Her near-by neighbor is Shepherd’s Way Farms, another cheese vendor at market.

You can find Lynne at the market with her sister Nancy. In addition to goat cheeses, they also sell whey-fed pork and grass-fed goat meat.

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Singing Hills Dairy
Nerstrand, MN

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