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Cosmic Wheel Creamery

Woman-Owned/Co-owned, Meat - Fish - Dairy


Indoor Winter Market, Saturday Market

Dates Available

October 19, 2019

November 16, 2019

November 23, 2019

December 14, 2019

February 15, 2020

April 18, 2020


Cheese | Cows Milk Cheese


Cosmic Wheel Creamery is a micro-dairy part of Turnip Rock Farm.

Owners Josh Bryceson and Rama Hoffpauir make farmstead artisan cows-milk cheese. They focus on raw-milk aged cheeses from their 10 100% Grass-Fed Jersey cows. The cheese is made in small batches by hand and aged with a natural rind. “People really taste the difference that the healthy diet of the cows and the careful handling of the milk makes. We are so proud of our cheese. We love going to farmers market to see the look of surprise and delight that often comes over peoples’ faces when they taste the cheese!”

Sustainability is the central value to our farming practices. We are trying to create a whole farm ecosystem in which fertility for our pastures and vegetables is provided by composted manure and bedding from our cows. We feed whey from the cheese making to our pigs, and we practice multi-species rotational grazing. We are working to improve the land and surrounding environment, grow healthy food, and care for the well-being of our animals.

Cosmic wheel creamery cows

Cosmic Wheel Creamery generally brings 3 or 4 types of aged cheese and 1 or two fresh cheeses to market each week. They make a tomme, a jack cheese, a cows milk manchego, plus a few other types. Feta, quark, ricotta, and cheese curds are offered on rotation when available.

Turnip Rock Farm, located in Clear Lake, Wisconsin, also has a certified-organic vegetable CSA and raises pork, beef, rose veal, and chicken.

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