• Baker's Field Flour and Bread

    Baker’s Field Flour & Bread

    Baker’s Field Flour & Bread is stone-milling local, organic grains and using freshly milled flour to bake all naturally leavened...
    Baker’s Field Flour & Bread
  • Nistler Farms Greenhouse

    Nistler Farms

    Nistler Farm’s vision is to give the folks who help and those who buy a connection to the land, a...
    Nistler Farms
  • Prairie Hollow

    Prairie Hollow Farm

    Prairie Hollow Farm offers the exquisite flavors of southeast Minnesota all year long with their unique and diverse selection of...
    Prairie Hollow Farm
  • Solomon's berry tarts

    Solomon’s Bakery

    Since 2007 Veronica Anczarski, owner and bread maker at Solomon’s Bakery, has been in the business of making high-quality baked...
    Solomon’s Bakery
  • TunTum BlackHill Farm

    Black-owned sustainable, biodynamic farm. The goal is to put more into the soil than they take out and make sure...
    TunTum BlackHill Farm
  • Zeytoon Bread & Co.

    Zeytoon Bread & Co. is a small, Palestinian, woman-owned bakery based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Zeytoon means olive in Arabic, and...
    Zeytoon Bread & Co.

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