Prairie Hollow

Prairie Hollow Farm

Farmers & Growers, Woman-Owned/Co-owned, Meat - Fish - Dairy


Indoor Winter Market, Saturday Market


Wild Rice | Vegetables | Bread | Cheese | Mushrooms | Fruit


Prairie Hollow Farm offers the exquisite flavors of southeast Minnesota all year long with their unique and diverse selection of vegetables, farm-fresh cheese, and whole-grain bread, which is produced naturally on their family farm. Rain or shine, snow or ice the growing season is always in full swing for Prairie Hollow Farm. Not too far from Rochester in Elgin, MN, Prairie Hollow Farm grows fresh greens and vegetables throughout our Minnesota winter in greenhouses! With only sunshine and angles of the glass walls their 3 greenhouses are heated to 75 degrees every day!  Stop by Pam’s outdoor and winter market booth to enjoy fresh salad greens, foraged mushrooms, wild rice, and unique naturally grown fruits and vegetables!  Vegetable, cheese, bread and 100% grass-fed beef CSA shares available.

Prairie Hollow Farm came into being in 1986 on a beautiful farm near Dover, MN that had belonged to Pam’s maternal grandparents since 1946. Hermann, her grandfather, had instituted many conservation practices that restored natural prairie in the valley and on the slopes.  Fields were transformed into contour strips for cropland, and a strict rotation that included many strips of hay.

After 1986, the farm was converted to organic dairy production, but a large garden was also maintained to feed the family.  In 1998, the garden was expanded and the first CSA shares were sold.  In 2000, a cheese plant was built to add value to the organic milk.

In 2005, the entire operation was moved to Pam’s parent’s farm near Elgin, and the process of converting the land to organic, grass-based dairy production was begun.  In 2008, Isaiah re-established the vegetable production and added a season extending greenhouse. In 2010, we added another greenhouse.

The farm is operated by Pam Benike and her sons, Isaiah and Jonathan, and her daughter, Bethany.

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