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Next Stage Grant

The Mill City Farmers Market Charitable Fund (MCFM-CF) is committed to the success and sustainability of the local food economy. MCFM-CF designed the Next Stage Grant program to provide funding to local, sustainable farmers and other food makers who are improving sustainable farming and business practices or growing toward the next stage of their local food businesses. This grant program is sustained through the generosity of the market community and donations from the annual Harvest Social Dinner.

The Next Stage Grant program embodies MCFM-CF’s commitment to building a healthy, local, sustainable and organic food economy and is rooted in our educational mission. The goal of this grant program is to foster a shared learning community. Therefore, we expect grantees to share their grant project findings at MCFM-CF’s annual grant showcase, with other farmers and food producers and through other outlets as applicable to grow the health of our local, sustainable food economy.

Mill City Farmers Market has awarded over $90,000 in 50 grants to local farms and other small businesses since 2013.

Annual Benefit for the Next Stage Grant

Application Information

Applications for MCFM-CF’s Next Stage Grant are due March 3rd, 2019 and are awarded in early April.

Next Stage Grant program uses can include:

  • Costs associated with transitioning to organic certification
  • Research and implementation of improved sustainability of farming practices and land management
  • Season extension projects
  • Training and other forms of continuing education specific to your business
  • Education related to capacity-building and sound business practices from professional service providers or qualified consultants (Other farmers or business owners, marketing specialists, web designers, etc.)
  • New product development such as value-added farm goods, diversifying crops or livestock, etc.
  • Software and other technology upgrades such as heaters, refrigerators, solar installations, business management software, etc.
  • Marketing improvements such as labeling and packaging equipment, web design, etc.

Next Stage Grant Description and Application 2019

Next Stage Grant Shell Budget 

Grant education event:

Thursday, February 28, 2019 – 5:30 to 7:30pm

Learn more about The Next Stage Grant program and chat with our 2018 grant recipients. This casual open house will take place at The Good Acre (1790 Larpenteur Ave W, Falcon Heights, MN 55113) and includes free dinner and drinks.

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The Next Stage Grant program is sustained by donations from our generous market community and matching grants from CoBank and Compeer. We are honored to be stewards of this program.

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2018 Next Stage Grant Awardees

Alternative Roots Next Stage Grant

Page 4 Dawn2Dusk Next Stage Grant

Northwood Mushrooms Next Stage Grant

Twin Organics Next Stage Grant

Whetstone Next Stage Grant

You Betcha Next Stage Grant


Mill City Farmers Market started its grant program in 2013 as a way to support its farmers in times of crop loss and other hardship. Between 2013 and 2017 the Market granted over $66,000 to its vendors in the projects detailed below. The inception of the Market’s Charitable Fund in 2017 has allowed the Market to expand its grants to local farmers and food makers throughout the region who sustain a healthy, local food system.

Mill City Farmers Market still offers its Farmer-In-Need Grant, designed to support farmers in time of hardship. The livelihood of a farm can be venerable to an array of unpredictable causes for hardship or loss. While these risks are inherent to farming, this grant is intended to provide support to those who experience extreme hardship.

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