Drink your sauerkraut?

Originally published in The Journal.

A new product is hitting the tables at the indoor winter market—and just in time for a digestive boost during the rich holiday eating season!

Adrienne Logsdon of Kiss My Cabbage is introducing probiotic sippers, which are packed with the same health benefits of her lacto-fermented sauerkrauts and kimchis. These sippers have a bold and spicy ginger flavor and come in convenient bottles perfect for traveling or sipping at home!

Like other raw cultures, these probiotic sippers contain nonpathogenic “friendly bacteria.” Not only are these little organisms friendly, they are extremely beneficial to our digestion, immune system and are said to have anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Bacteria in the digestive tract also aid in breaking down components like lactose and starches, which is good news for those who are sensitive to dairy and gluten.

Adrienne is no stranger to these health benefits. She first started making sauerkraut one year when fellow Mill City Farmers Market vendor, Burning River Farm, had a bumper crop of cabbage. Adrienne figured that it wasn’t right to keep all that goodness just between a few friends and farm hands—everyone deserved to be able to eat it! So, she started Kiss My Cabbage to sell the kraut to the public and educate others about raw cultures and their health benefits.

If you’re not eager to drink your daily dose of friendly bacteria, try the recipe below that uses Adrienne’s sauerkraut and fresh goat cheese from Singing Hills Dairy in a Ukrainian dumpling called vareniki. Vareniki are closely related to the Polish pierogi. They make great appetizers for winter holidays or just warm snacks during the cold months. You can pick up the local ingredients you need for this recipe at the Mill City Farmers Market’s upcoming winter markets, located inside the Mill City Museum from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on November 11, November 18 and additional Saturdays through the end of April.

Ukrainian Vareniki


Click here to get the recipe!