kiss my cabbage

From bumper crop to new business

March 7, 2019


Kiss My Cabbage, one of Mill City Farmers Market’s long-time vendors, began in 2012 when Adrienne Logsdon was working at Burning River Farm. That season the farm produced an unexpected bumper crop of cabbage. Not one to let a good thing go to waste, she decided to make wild-fermented sauerkraut out of the surplus. The rest of the farm crew, family and friends loved it and all the health benefits, which inspired her to bring it to the public commercially.

It’s no wonder the kraut was a hit. Adrienne’s recipe is never pasteurized or canned, allowing it to retain its probiotics and other microflora, which are obtained through lacto-fermentation. Unlike vinegar pickling, lacto-fermentation is a process in which naturally occurring organisms convert the sugar in vegetables to acid, giving sauerkraut, kimchi and other lacto-fermented products their distinctive tangy taste.

“It’s bubbling and alive for healthy digestion!” Explains Adrienne

kiss my cabbage MCT

Over the past 7 years since starting her company, Adrienne has expanded her product line to include many varieties, including: “Plain Ol’ Sauerkraut,” Lemon Garlic Dill, Latin-American inspired Curtido Red, Italian inspired Giardiniera, three Asian inspired kimchi flavors and other seasonal delights.

What’s more, even though Kiss My Cabbage has grown dramatically over the years and is now at multiple farmers markets, delis and food co-ops, Adrienne still sources her cabbag and other vegetables from local farms including Burning River.

You can find Adrienne and usually her father Dave at the upcoming indoor Winter Markets on March 9 and 23 inside the Mill City Museum from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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