Authored by: Jillian Tholen, U of MN Nutrition Dept. Some of the most unassuming foods are the ones that pack the most nutritional value. Case in point: sprouts. It’s hard to believe that these tiny shoots can offer us so much, given their minute size and meek appearance, but they contain an incredibly wide range […]



Authored by Jennifer Kret, UMN Public Health Nutrition June is already here, and that’s right, it is rhubarb season! As you may know, rhubarb is often treated as a fruit, commonly found in tarts, compotes, or a slice of Garrison Keillor’s favorite, Bebop-a-Reebop Rhubarb Pie. Although, rhubarb is truly a vegetable. It belongs to a […]


Whole Grains for your Health

Authored by Rachel Bowers, UMN Public Health and Nutrition Minneapolis was built by grain. Once known as the “Flour Milling Capital of the World” the mills around St. Anthony Falls produced enough flour to bake 12 million loaves of bread a day.  The Washburn A mill, which now houses the Mill City Museum, and the […]