Authored by Hilary Gebauer, UMN Public Health and Nutrition

Cabbage is loved around the world and many cultures have their own favorite way to prepare it from German sauerkraut to Korean kim chee. Cabbage will start showing up in the farmer’s market mid-summer and will be around into the fall. Luckily, it’s a versatile veggie and can be used for everything from cool summer salads to hearty fall stews.

On a hot summer day, cool coleslaw is a great way to use cabbage. Chop a head into bite size pieces and add other vegetables like shredded carrot or chopped green onion. For the dressing toss the vegetables with some mayonnaise, honey and lemon juice. Everyone likes their coleslaw a little bit different, use as much as or as little as you’d like, and season it with salt and pepper.

You can also steam wedges of cabbage for 5-7 minutes and top with salt, pepper and a little butter or cheese. It works well in stir-fries or chopped raw into salads. For heartier cabbage meals try adding chopped cabbage to soups and stews. Colcannon, a classic Irish comfort food made of cabbage and mashed potatoes is also good for cool fall days.

Cabbage stores well, and if you buy some in the fall it should last you into the winter.  Keep it in the hydrator drawer in the refrigerator. Be sure to leave the outer leaves on for storage and then remove them before cooking.

While the calorie count is low for cabbage, it is packed with vitamins A and C (which help fight infection), calcium, potassium and magnesium. Cabbage tastes good and is good for you!

Try preparing cabbage different ways and soon you’ll have your own favorite recipe to share with friends and family.