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You can consider Stirsby a Mill City Farmers Market staple. What betterway to prepare your farmers market finds than in a stew, omelet, or stir fry? This artist-made cooking utensil (‘useful art’) is ideal to use with non-stick pans and woks, while also being a pleasure to hold. The curved edge is made for scraping that last spoonful from your pan!

John Daničič, the creator, has been making Stirsbys and Stirsby products since 2001. What started as a use for scrap wood from building tables, chairs and couches has progressed into a full line of handmade kitchen accessories. The title was created by owner and artist John Danic’s daughter, who was 5 at the time.

Stirsby’s products are food-safe with a mahoney utility finish oil, a walnut oil. It can be renewed with any mineral oil or butcher block oil. John makes each Stirsby individually. No two are exactly alike. They are made from non-first-growth hardwoods and scrap wood from furniture shops. In his garage in Edina, John makes toast tongs, trivets, several sizes of cutting boards, and more. They’re perfect for weddings, birthdays and hostess gifts and each comes with a label identifying the species of wood used from working end to the handle’s tip.

  • Stirsby

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