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Seven Songs Organic Farm

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Seven Songs Organic Farm is a certified organic 7-acre vegetable, fruit and egg farm located 60 miles south of Minneapolis in Kenyon, MN. Owners Melissa Driscoll and Jay Hambidge specialize in growing 12+ varieties of garlic, heirloom tomatoes, ginger and turmeric. In addition to fresh produce, Melissa has also started to create value-added farm products to preserve the harvest and sustain an income throughout the season. You can find her “Escape: Garlic Scape Pesto” and seasonal jams like rhubarb ginger at the market year-round!

Turmeric Seven Songs Organic Farm

Garlic Pesto Seven Songs Organic Farm

At Seven Songs Farm, we believe that ecology and agriculture must be complementary to sustain human life on earth. We model this by providing delicious organic herbs, fruits and vegetables, and animal wefare approved eggs grown in a watershed- and earth-friendly way to our friends and neighbors. We believe that good food is essential for good health. We sustain our farm and ourselves by charging a fair price for what we consider the most healthy, best tasting, and ecologically sound food available!” -Melissa Driscoll

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