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Wood Products | Furniture | Bowls | Spoons


With a background in fine art and sculpture, Nathan White became fascinated with the relationship between form and function, which led him to carving wooden spoons. In 2011, he began an apprenticeship building and restoring wooden boats in the mid-coast region of Maine. While boats were the focus of his study, he also spent time turning, making furniture, and milling lumber. After working under several skilled craftspeople in Maine, he eventually found himself timber-framing. In 2013, he moved back to Minnesota, where he currently produces one-of-a-kind turned wooden vessels, handmade furniture, and hand-carved spoons.

My bowls are inspired by traditional forms of Norway and Sweden. When carving spoons I like to find natural curves in branches and roots. Allowing the grain to determine the shape offers a ‘conversation’ between myself and the wood about the overall shape of the piece, while also ensuring strength by using with the shape the branch or root had been growing.