Brittany Trushin 2018 bigvase

Brittany Trushin Ceramics

Artists, Woman-Owned/Co-owned


Indoor Winter Market, Saturday Market




Brittany Trushin creates ceramic objects designed for utility and ritual use in the home. All items are designed and produced in her home studio in Richfield, MN.

“My ceramic designs are the result of 10 years of study and experimentation with the material, process and utility of clay. The designs are unique and meant to become living sculptures in peoples homes. They ask users to think about the way that they interact and live with art and objects in their everyday lives, especially during rituals such as watering plants, lighting candles or storing jewelry. I am proud to be part of the vibrant, Minneapolis art community, making a living by creating objects for people to use and love in their everyday lives. – Brittany Trushin

Brittany Trushin 2018 Soapdishstack Brittany Trushin 2018 Soapdishstack