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Juicing Made Easy with Zula Juice

Originally published in The Journal on March 21, 2017.

When you think about a juice cleanse you think about lots of grocery shopping, lots of prep work and lots of dishes, right? Enter Zula Juice, owned by Twin Cities’ couple Renee and Tim Peters. Zula Juice was created four years ago after Renee discovered the refreshing benefits of juicing. She soon had more energy, better looking skin, less dependency on caffeine (which is saying something for a mother of five) and was quickly hooked. She created Zula Juice with her husband as a way for them to make clean food fun and convenient for more people. Zula Juice offers a variety of cold-pressed, nutrient-packed juices including flavors like “Carrot Plunge” (carrot, lime and Fuji apple) and “Green Glow” (kale, mint, pineapple and cucumber). As a commitment to convenience, Zula Juice has free delivery in the metro area for all its juices and juice cleanse kits.


In addition to making the juicing process easy, Renee and Tim also make it high-quality. Zula Juice was the first juice company in the Twin Cities to be certified organic and they use local ingredients whenever possible. Zula Juice is also dedicated to being HPP-free. HPP is high-pressure pasteurization, which uses heat to reduce microbial content (including probiotics) to increase the shelf life of a product. All juices found at yoga studios, grab-and-go cafes, grocery stores and even co-ops are required to be pasteurized. The longer a juice (or any product) sits on a shelf, its antioxidant, enzyme and vitamin levels decrease. Fresh juice should be consumed within 5 days of being pressed.

Lucky for us, Renee and Tim make all their juice within 24 hours of sale at their kitchen in St. Paul. They also wake up early on Saturdays to press juice for the Mill City Farmers Market. You can learn more about the process, discover the benefits of fresh juice and sample all of Zula’s flavors at the upcoming indoor winter markets inside the Mill City Museum (704 S. 2nd St. Minneapolis 55401) on Saturday March 25, April 8 and April 22 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. You can find more information on our calendar.

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with Zula’s cashew milk!

Muesli with Milk

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