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July 14, 2018

August 25, 2018


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Christy Johnson, creator of United Goods, has a diverse background that includes graphic design, illustration, photography and writing. Since 2010, she’s focused her efforts on what she’s most passionate about: creating digital illustrations in handmade frames that she calls State Icons. State Icon illustrations celebrate the everyday. The landmarks, structures, and buildings Christy draws might not be known throughout the world, but they often mean a lot to people for different reasons. The illustrations can be reminders of a favorite place, memorials to an important person or date, or celebrations of the places we call home—both past and present.

Christy’s work includes many icons near the Mill City Farmers Market including the Gold Medal Flour sign, Stone Arch Bridge and Guthrie Theater, featured on prints, cards, tote bags, kitchen accessories and more!

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