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Pure Ginger for You is a raw, cold-press juice maker based in New Brighton. Owner Beauclarc Thomas uses organic produce sourced locally when in-season, including ginger from Seven Songs Farm in Kenyon, MN.

Beauclarc founded Pure Ginger For You with a mission to ensure Minnesotans have access to affordable, fresh food–which was a journey for him when he immigrated to the U.S. from Liberia:

“When I arrived in the U.S. and reunited with my family, we had just escaped a decade of brutal civil war in Liberia. Due to scarcity, the nutritional value of food was not considered, therefore when we immigrated, we ate everything as we had nothing to eat during the unrest.”

Beauclarc decided to make a change for his health and started making nutrient-dense, vegetable juices, which led to his new company founded in 2020. With the company, Beauclarc hopes to support not only his own health, but also his family’s and greater community.

Pure Ginger for You
New Brighton, MN


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