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Dan Onkka, owner of Onkkafirte, designs and handcrafts spin-n-serves (aka Lazy Susans) in his basement workshop in New Brighton. His spin-n-serve family includes a basic 12″ model and an 18″ model that can be reversed or expanded to 24″ and used as an end or side table with the available table legs.
“I see each one as ‘art that works’, with one side having a bright and bold ‘look at me!’ design and the flip side having a single ‘look at what’s ON me!’ vaneer. I use an mdf core that is clad in the finest veneers from around the world, then given a food-safe finish.” – Dan Onkka
Dan’s technique and craftsmanship minimizes material use while supporting responsible and sustainable use of the worlds timber resources. You can learn more about the design and process through Onkkafirte’s video.
  • Onkkafirte

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