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Annabella Sardelis is the Founder + Creative Director of INDIGO & SNOW a textile studio located in NE Mpls. in the Casket Arts Bldg. We specialize in hand-dyed, painted and printed textiles with a focus on sustainability.

“Sustainability is at the core of my business. I source organic cotton, select green fibers, i.e. the most sustainably sourced bamboo available in the USA. I use upcycled + recycled fibers whenever aesthetically possible; my pillow inserts are made with 100% recycled contents, filled with recycled soda bottles; I use non-toxic water based dyes and natural dyes; I choose 100% recycled business cards and post-consumer content promotional materials. My goal is to be a zero-waste designer.

As a textile artist/designer my goal is for my work to become the heirlooms of tomorrow. I strive to design high-quality products that will endure with integrity, this value is fundamental to my business. I don’t believe in fast fashion. I believe in consuming less, and investing in quality over quantity.” -Annabella Sardelis

Indigo & Snow
Minneapolis, MN


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