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Driving past a field of purple-blue flowers, reminiscent of a sparkling lake, flax blossoms dance in the wind on the North Dakota prairie, and Ellie remembers back to her childhood. This is a sight she knows well, since her father grew flax seed on his farm. Ellie carried with her the healthy outdoor lifestyle that she gained from growing up on these plains, and this nourished her passion for her own business selling Golden Flax to improve people’s health. Since 2005, Ellie’s Whole Grains has been providing Gourmet Flax, Lignans and Barley–all heart-healthy foods. More info is available at www.GotFlax.com, your source for Gourmet Golden Flaxseed. Ellie is passionate about people’s health and she works to bring her customers’ uncompromising quality in her small family-run business.

As a testament to her desire to bring people holistic health, Ellie’s life story also took her to a remote village in the rainforest of Papua New Guinea with her husband. Here she served the people in a jungle clinic, providing for their basic medical needs, and she also taught them how to supplement their diet with more vegetables to increase their nutrition. She received donations of nutritional supplements, vitamins and medical supplies from generous friends and donors in the U.S. to fight malnutrition and sickness that was so prevalent in the village

Since returning to the U.S., Ellie enjoys farmers markets where she aims to educate and inspire others to eat and live healthy. Gourmet Golden Flax is an excellent, inexpensive food that provides essential Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, lignans and other nutrients. Evidence-based research shows that flax contributes greatly to a healthy lifestyle, helping to fight high cholesterol, constipation, malnutrition among other chronic diseases. It is this research that strengthened Ellie’s love for flaxseed and whole grains, and it forms the solid foundation from which she markets the product.

Ellie’s Whole Grains is passionate about offering you an opportunity to eat and live healthier and is dedicated to providing the utmost quality and service. Ellie’s Whole Grains is also an avid supporter of our family farmers and your whole grain purchase will continue to make a difference and support our farmers. Visit Ellie’s Whole Grains at www.GotFlax.com!

Ellie loves selling at farmer’s markets and is especially partial to the Mill City Farmer’s Market and all the warm, health-conscious people who run it as well as support it.


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