Sustainability Statement USDA Organic Sign

Sustainability Statement

Mill City Farmers Market (MCFM) is dedicated to the health and sustainability of our community. While not all of our vendors are USDA Certified Organic, they all adhere to our Sustainability Statement, which follows.


MCFM supports local food; food that is fresh, healthy, seasonal and that builds and strengthens local economies. In selecting vendors, MCFM gives priority to regional farmers and producers who bring products to market that are 100% grown and harvested on land they own and/or operate. Occasional non-local exceptions, reviewed on a case-by-case basis, are made for producer direct products that complement MCFM’s mission and fill product gaps.

Furthermore, MCFM requires vendors selling value-added foods, baked goods and prepared food must use a minimum of 25% local ingredients, preferably using local ingredients sourced directly from MCFM agricultural vendors. Read more about our Local Sourcing Standard


MCFM vendors are selected based on their fit with our mission and commitment to environmentally, economically and socially sustainable practices. MCFM supports growers and vendors committed to sustainable practices and land stewardship, including USDA Certified Organic and Certified Naturally Grown growers.

Vendor Commitment

Each vendor at MCFM is committed to a holistic approach to sustainability that includes:

  • Building and maintaining healthy soils by applying farming practices that include crop rotation, compost, cover crops, green manures and reducing tillage
  • Serving the health of soil, people and nature by rejecting the use of synthetic inputs (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.)
  • Rejecting the use of GMO seeds and livestock feed
  • Treating livestock humanely by providing pasture for ruminants, access to outdoors and fresh air for all livestock, banning cruel alterations, and using no hormones, GMOs or antibiotics in feed
  • Conserving natural resources by reducing erosion and pollution of air, soil and water through responsible farming practices
  • Practicing minimal processing and responsible post-harvest handling for all food products to preserve the natural nutritional value of food
  • Operating within a framework of sound business planning
  • Guaranteeing honorable workplace practices, including fair and reasonable compensation for employees and a safe, respectful work environment
  • Supporting agricultural markets and infrastructures that enable small farms to thrive
  • Producing prepared/processed foods using raw ingredients that are locally grown and sourced from within the market or from other purveyors practicing sustainable farming, whenever possible. Prepared and processed foods are required to use a minimum of 25% local ingredients in their products
  • Producing non-edible products using local and sustainable sourcing as appropriate for the product
  • Providing clear, written information about production methods and product ingredients to any customer who requests it

Market Commitment

MCFM strives for organizationally sustainable practices including maintaining financial stability as well as the integrity and diversity of our vendor and product selection. We also examine our waste management practices in order to reduce our environmental impact. Furthermore, we work in the community through our Next Stage Grant and other programs to strengthen agricultural infrastructures that enable small farms and food businesses to thrive and work to develop ways to make local healthy food available to more of our community.

MCFM and our vendors are committed to educating our customers about sustainable, local agriculture as well as encouraging and empowering them to participate actively in their food choices.