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Market Platter with Green Tahini Dressing

The Wedge Community Co-ops joined us at the Market on June 29th and showed us how to make a delicious platter featuring green tahini dressing. Grab some farm fresh ingredients and give it a try the next time you’re at the Market!

Meet Our Newest Vendors

The class of 2024 has arrived with an incredible variety of products, backgrounds and stories. Each vendor’s upcoming market dates can be found on their vendor page linked below, or you can see all new vendor pages listed here. Say hello and try something new next time you see them at the Market! Chocolate San…  Read More

Market Jam Vinaigrette

Use your favorite farmer’s market veggies, salad greens, cheese and fruit to create a delicious summer salad that’s refreshing, healthy and local – top it off with some Market Jam Vinaigrette for a pop of flavor and color!

Lemon & Herb Asparagus Salad

This recipe is by Tony Scherber of TonzKitchen, adapted from NYTCooking’s Melissa Clark using local market ingredients. Check out a short video from Tony about the making of the dish on Instagram!

Cambodian Sour Soup

Chef Sina is back at MCFM, celebrating AAPI month with her cherished Cambodian Sour Soup. Inspired by childhood memories, she blends local produce with Asian staples to create a heartwarming dish. As Sina shares her heritage, she invites market guests to enjoy the simplicity and warmth of Cambodian food, and invites all to join in…  Read More