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Kao Sheng Vang

Farmers & Growers


Outdoor Market


Tomatoes | Carrots | Beets | Collards | Cucumbers | Onions - Green (scallions) | Potatoes- Red | Zucchini | Dill | Leeks | Lettuce | Cilantro | Green Beans - French (Haricots Verts) | Miari Sweet Corn | Mustard Greens | Peas


Kao and her family have always been farmers, though they have only been farming for 5 years in MN.  They moved from Laos to Thailand and, in 1989, from Thailand to the United States.  Kao runs the farm with her whole family including her mother Chue and father Neng, and her brothers and sisters.  Kao’s sister, Pa, likes to help out at the Market on Saturdays.  At the Market, they sell everything from cucumbers and tomatoes to beautiful fresh herbs and healthy greens.  They also grow a striking array of peppers in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Kao would like to add new crops to the Market next year to help strengthen the Market and expose people to new kinds of food.


Certified Organic, Hand-Harvested