Mill City Cooks

Savory Amaranth Corn Crepes with Various Cheese Garnishes

By Chef Nick Schneider

For a gluten-free breakfast or lunch this recipe offers taste and interest. Vary the filling or topping to your occasion’s needs. Some useful tips to think about when cooking gluten-free:

  • GF doughs take longer to bake/cook fully. They do not absorb water as readily.
  • pancakes and crepes are more delicate to handle
  • a little guar gum (1/2 t. to 1 C. GF flour) will help stabilize the product.

Amaranth is eaten in Latin America for its whole grain seeds, in India and China for its greens and for its flour.  The grain is high in protein, and also has plenty of calcium, iron, phosphorous and lysine.

Note the milk can be substituted for water, almond/rice/soy milk or coconut milk.

The egg in this recipe helps bind the crepes together in absence gluten development.

2/3 C amaranth flour
1.5 C whole milk
6 large eggs
4 T butter
1 T. honey
¼ t. guar gum
¾ C. blanched or lightly roasted fresh sweet corn kernels
pinch sea salt
few grinds freshly cracked black pepper

Note on cooking the corn: boil for 2-3 minutes on the ear, no more. The modern hybrids of sweet corn are just that, sweet. They cook rather quickly. When cool, shave off the kernels as per the demo.

If grilling: peel to with 1-2 thin husk layers then grill. This allows some grill color to come through without too much burning.

Making the Crepes:

Put the milk, eggs, guar, honey and S & P into the blender, mix thoroughly. add the Amaranth flour and mix until a smooth, cream-like consistency is achieved. Outside the blender mix or fold in the corn kernels.

Heat a crepe pan or cast iron skillet on medium heat. Add 1 T of butter, coat pan evenly.

Add the batter in ½ C. batches. Turn after edges brown lightly. The corn kernels should brown nicely after flipping. Hold warm if desired in a 225 F oven.

Toppings Options:

Dry aged sheep’s cheese: Manchego with a red bell pepper coulis.

Cow cheese: Cotijo (a drier crumblier saltier cheese from Latin America) along with extra corn kernels tossed in annatto seed oil and ancho chili powder.

A grated semi-soft sheep’s cheese from Shepherds Way: Friesago.

Or, sour cream mixed with a little fresh lime juice and lime zest. Mix in some finely sliced green onions into the batter.

Recommended with coconut milk and caramelized bananas as a topping for a brunch dish.