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Greens for Good

Greens for Good logoGreens for Good is our gleaning program at MCFM. Gleaning is going over a field or area that has just been harvested and gathering any usable parts of the crop that remain. We do this at the Market, too.

Mill City Farmers Market has been working with Campus Kitchen since 2013, collecting excess produce from farmers at the end of the market. Farmers give fruits and vegetables that didn’t sell, seconds, CSA boxes that didn’t get picked up, produce that won’t survive the drive home, or for any number of other reasons.

Campus Kitchen Greens for Good Greens for Good campus kitchen volunteer cropped

Volunteers from Campus Kitchen collecting produce from farmers after the market.

In 2015, Campus kitchen donated over 5,000lbs. of Mill City Farmers Market produce to the Cedar Riverside Neighborhood. They distributed it primarily to seniors in low-income housing, and any leftover produce was used in Campus Kitchen’s Sunday night cooking class where they teach TRiO students (low income/first generation college students) how to prepare healthy and delicious dishes using the fresh veggies. What they prepared was then served at the Brian Coyle Center in their free lunch program to seniors or to a youth shelter.

“Thank you so much for all the support you have offered! The free veggie give away, cooking class, and the prepared veggie dishes have been a success and an asset to this community.”

                                                                             –2014 Program Coordinator Brittney Westgard


Greens for Good is sponsored by Delta Dental, Committed to improving health, oral health and access for all Minnesotans. 





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