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TonzKitchen is an artisnal hot chili oil maker bringing the heat to your dishes. Owner Tony Scherber creates his original hot chili oil by infusing aromatics like garlic, ginger, shallots into oil to go along with warm spices like szechuan peppercorns, habaneros, and cinnamon.

Tony started TonzKitchen as pandemic hobby, cooking meals and hot chili oil and donating it to families, churches, and others in need. As a Korean Adoptee, he is interested in taking his Midwestern roots and passion for cooking to create products that will bring “the heat” to the palates of Minnesotans. New products include:

  • Minnesota 7; Hot Chili Oil– Winner of the 2022 International Flavor Awards / Spicy Flave Awards
  • Minnesota 9; Hotter Chili Oil
  • Gimi; KBBQ Spice Blend
  • Jonmat; Garlic-Shallot Oil

As seen on TV: The Great American Recipe Show on PBS Food

“I always have had a passion for cooking and I think this hot chili oil venture is one that can continue to grow into something where I can intersect my passion of food and flavor.”

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St. Louis Park, MN


Market Availability

Outdoor Market
Winter Market
Next market: Saturday, April 6

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Saturday, April 6
Saturday, April 20


Chili Crisp
Chili Oil
Hot Sauce


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