The Bakery on 22nd St. is a home-based bakery that offers a selection of sourdough breads. Owner and baker Omri Zin-Tamir uses the best possible ingredients from our region, including heritage wheat and other organic whole grains, for his selection of table loaves, frozen pizza crusts, crackers, pitas and more!

“I began baking bread at home in 2011 when my wife and I moved to the US as art students and were unable to find a loaf of bread akin to what we were used to eating back in Israel. A few years later, due to immigration complications, I found myself unable to work in the US for 2 years. So with the extra time on my hands, I started baking more seriously, first as a laborious pastime, which quickly became a full-on obsession as I started sinking deeper down the sourdough rabbit hole.”

The Bakery on 22nd Street
Minneapolis, MN

Market Availability

Outdoor Market
Next market: Saturday, May 28

Dates Available

Saturday, May 28
Saturday, July 2
Saturday, July 9
Saturday, July 16
Saturday, July 30
Saturday, August 13
Saturday, August 27
Saturday, September 10
Saturday, September 17
Saturday, September 24
Saturday, October 8
Saturday, October 15
Saturday, October 29


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