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Stone Fruit Creative is a St. Paul based fiber arts company owned by Sarah Cassavant. Combining quilting and other fiber arts techniques, Stone Fruit provides contemporary and usable clothing items and goods that celebrate traditional methods. Each item is unique and handmade in St. Paul.

“I’ve always been a maker. My mom and my aunt taught me how to quilt at a young age, and they instilled in me a curiosity for creating and exploring different forms of craft. While I always had a project or two in the works, I started to delve deeper into my quilting and fiber arts practices in 2021. In 2023, Stone Fruit Creative was born as my way of exploring different methods of incorporating traditional designs to create contemporary and usable items. I love making wearable and usable art that people are excited by, and I hope the love and care in each piece inspires others to delve into their own creativity.” -Sarah

Stone Fruit Creative
St. Paul, MN


Market Availability

Outdoor Market
Next market: Saturday, June 15

Dates Available

Saturday, June 15
Saturday, August 10
Saturday, September 21


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