• Root to Rise Kitchen


Note: Root to Rise will be out for the 2023 season, but you can still find them at the Plant-Based Pop-Up Markets.

Root To Rise Kitchen is a 100% plant-based food business, established by Heather Klein to bring vegan fare to the mainstream market by appealing to food lovers everywhere. Heather’s mission is to bring “all diners to the table” by bringing familiar dishes with a twist and salubrious cuisine in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Root to Rise Kitchen started in 2016 with our pop-up dinners. Since then, the team has successfully created an amazing menu for farmers markets and catering. Their dishes, such as lentil nachos, ramen and tofu breakfast scramble, are from made from scratch using high-quality, mostly organic ingredients. With a minimalistic approach Root to Rise creates food that is meaningful, nourishing and exceptional.

Root to Rise Kitchen
Minneapolis, MN


Dates Available

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