Red Clover Herbal Apothecary Farm

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November 23, 2019

December 7, 2019

January 4, 2020

February 1, 2020

March 7, 2020


Herbs | Tea | Body Products | Natural Remedies


Nancy Graden, owner of Red Clover Herbal Apothecary Farm, grows over 50 kinds of certified organic medicinal and culinary herbs on her certified-organic farm in western Wisconsin. Nancy strongly believes in the intelligence of plants and the part their gifts play in our health and well being.

I think there’s so much plant medicine that can be used to heal the earth.”

Committed to being an ethical and respectful steward of the land, Nancy and her crew of one to two part-time staffers grow high quality herbs on 32 different garden plots and produce high quality botanicals in her on-farm commercial kitchen. Nancy also makes it a point to teach monthly classes on herbalism to share her knowledge with the community.

Red Clover Herbal Apothecary’s products include direct-from-the-farm dried herbal teas, salves, balms, tinctures, elixirs, herb starter plants and more. Red Clover Herbal Apothecary also provides CSA herbal shares.

Red Clover Herbal Apothecary


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