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Note: 2021 was Ommie Snacks’ last year at Mill City. You can still find their fruit and seeds bars on their website, ommiesnacks.com.

Ommie Snacks is an all-natural and nutrient-dense line of energy bars made with fruits and seeds. Real and simple food, heart-crafted by hand, in small batches, the way real food is supposed to be. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, our bars are nutrient dense and simply delicious. Just pure goodness in every bite. Food you’ll love for all the things we have, and for those we don’t.

All our ingredients are sourced from reputable local sources that provide us with high quality products. Our ingredients are all natural, we dont cut corners. Every single bar is heart-crafted by hand.

“I make every single bar, and I take extreme pride doing it. I want to make sure my consumers have a nutritious, wholesome, very clean product that was made with love and care. I take a lot of pride in making sure my customers walk away happy with their purchase. – I’m a picky eater, label reader, clean food nut, pay a lot of attention to what I put in body because I believe that I am what I eat. I take that same food philosophy to my business and what I serve my fans.” -Claudia Fierro-Poppen, owner

Ommie Snacks
Chanhassen, MN

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