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Morning Glory Farm brought their amazing ramps and ramp salt to the Mill City Farmers Market for the first time this May. One of the highlights of the spring season on their farm is the bountiful harvest of ramps, delightfully delicious wild onions (Allium tricoccum), a native species found in the woodlands of North America. The woods come alive with a sea of ramps for a few weeks every May.

To share the joy of ramps year-round Faye created Ramp Salt, a flavorful seasoning made with dried ramp leaves and sea salt. Once you taste it you will enjoy it as much as we do! The ramp leaves used in the salt are carefully harvested from the top third of the plant, ensuring that the plant’s growth is not impacted.

Morning Glory Farm and Gardens is a diversified farm in western Wisconsin. Mark Plunkett and Faye Jones have been proud stewards of the land for over 35 years, over time producing garlic, cut flowers, vegetables and grass fed beef cattle. Faye and Mark are semi-retired from farming but their passion for sustainable agriculture still burns bright. Last year they made the decision to sell their beloved Highlander cattle, and converted a portion of the back pasture woods into camp sites.

Morning Glory Farm and Gardens
Spring Valley, WI

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