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Welcome to Minneapolis Mehndi & Henna, a mobile service happy to provide henna art and beauty services for individuals, groups, events, schools, festivals, birthdays and more.

Henna is a flowering plant native to northern Africa, western and southern Asia, and northern Australasia, in semi-arid zones and tropical areas. Dried henna leaves will dye skin only when Lawsone molecule is released. Lawsone (also known as hennotannic acid) is released when dried henna leaves are made into a paste. The dye created may also be referred to as henna.

Mehndi or Mehendi is the paste from the henna plant packaged into a cone used to make the markings of the henna stain. Mehndi is a traditional Vedic custom. Vedic customs are centered on the idea of “awakening the inner light”. Traditional Indian designs are representations of the sun on the palm. In addition to South Asia, the use of Mehndi or Henna for cultural practices and pure aesthetics can also be found in parts of the Middle East, Northern and Eastern Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Amy – Lead Henna Artist
Of Southeast Asian ancestry, Amy is a proud first generation American. Her parents reached on the Midwest as refugees of The Secret War eventually settling in North Minneapolis. As a lifelong resident of the Northside, Amy founded Minneapolis Mehndi & Henna as an avenue to share her culture with her community and support the success of Northside youth.

Mai – Lead Makeup Artist
Born in a Thai refugee camp, Mai and her family settled in North Minneapolis in the mid 90’s. Mai is a proud Minnesotan and Auggie with a great passion for makeup artistry and her community.

Henna “Dye”/”Ink”: The ingredients of our paste include Natural Henna powder, Distilled water, sugar and essential oils. Never any artificial dye or p-Phenylenediamine (PPD).

Minneapolis Mehndi & Henna
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