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Milkweed Editions is one of the nation’s leading independent book publishers. They operate Milkweed Books, an independent bookstore located in Open Book just a few blocks from the Market on Washington Avenue in Minneapolis. They feature a selection of the best cookbooks, nonfiction and literary books, with a focus on independent and small press publishers. Milkweed Books also offers events and a national subscription service. Milkweed Editions and Milkweed Books are critical components of a complex ecosystem including writers, readers, donors, publishers, booksellers, reviewers, librarians, educators—all, in short, who contribute to a vibrant literary culture.

By participating in the Mill City Farmers Market, our goal is to offer stock specifically tailored to the interests of market shoppers and, in doing so, make those books more accessible to readers, connect with a broader readership, and expand the reach of our vibrant literary community.

Though Milkweed’s books aren’t made up of conventional market ingredients, they still work toward the Market’s Sustainability Statement and are concerned about the effects of their business practices on the environment. They print 100% of their titles at presses that are FSC-certified, based in North America, and ensure that any unsold stock is donated, reused, or recycled. Milkweed also works every year to increase the percentage of books they print on 100% post-consumer recycled paper (currently approximately 85%), and over 60% of their books are printed at manufacturers using renewable energy sources and are printed with vegetable-based inks. Milkweed is committed to minimizing negative social and environmental impacts through these and other sustainable practices.

Milkweed Books
Minneapolis, MN


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