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Maazah Chutney

Food Artisans, New Vendors, Woman-Owned/Co-owned


Indoor Winter Market, Saturday Market

Dates Available

November 16, 2019

December 7, 2019




Maazah Chutney is a small-batch, gourmet goes-with-anything condiment, created by sisters Yasameen and Sheilla Sajady (and inspired by their mom!) Yasameen and Sheilla come from a large Afghani family who not only spent a lot of time together around the dinner table, but also in the kitchen. Their mom taught the, that good food starts with good ingredients. Her secret? Never measuring a thing. Following her lead, the sisters learned to understand flavors, what creates them and what brings each of them out.

Growing up, Mom made “Magic Green Sauce”. It was like ketchup to our family, we put it on everything. With Mom always the humble one, we knew we’d have to be the ones to share it. In 2014, we started making small batches of her Magic Green Sauce, we shortly after, named “Maazah” meaning “flavor” in Farsi. Mom still joins us in the kitchen every so often to give us a hand and of course, give things a taste. We love that Maazah’s making its way to tables all over Minneapolis, and with every batch and every bite, we get to share meals with you.”

Maazah chutney