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Loon Organics is 40-acre certified organic farm owned and operated by Adam Cullip and Laura Frerichs in Hutchinson, MN (70 miles west of Minneapolis).  The Loon Organics team grows vegetables, herbs and flowers for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program, the Mill City Farmers Market and for fine restaurants. They grow over 250 varieties of produce, many of which are rare, specialty and heirloom varieties with unparalleled taste and are typically unavailable at retail grocers. Plus, their produce is usually harvested within 24 hours of market, ensuring that is extremely fresh and nutritious.

Laura and Adam’s farming journey began in their early 20’s simply by wondering where our food comes from.  Such questions led them to intern and work on organic farms all over the world. With a desire to start their own small farm and CSA, they were able to rent a few acres from farming legend, Gardens of Eagan in Farmington, MN.  They began their livelihood as independent farmers in 2005 and have never looked back!  In October 2008, Adam and Laura were able to purchase and move to their own organic farm in Hutchinson.

“The mission of Loon Organics is to nourish Mind, Body, and Soil. We are committed to producing the highest quality vegetables possible with certified organic farming practices. Attention to detail and really clean, beautiful vegetables set our farm’s product apart and customers notice and come back for this. We grow produce varieties for their flavor and adaptability to our environment. If it does not taste good, we will not grow it.”

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Loon Organics
Hutchinson, MN

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