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Note: Live Organically will not be returning to Mill City Farmers Market for the 2023 season. If you’d like to buy a CSA share, visit their website here.

Live Organically is a certified organic 3-acre vegetable farm in Oak Grove, Minnesota founded in 2018 by Lakisha Witter. Lakisha and her team farm with our environment in mind. Lakisha believes in doing good to our environment and practices this by rejecting the use of herbicides or toxic chemicals, weeding by hand or with a weed hoe to keep a good root structure and using organic seed, which has not been modified or treated with prohibited substances fungicides to protect the integrity of our vegetables. They also use drip tape irrigation instead of overhead watering systems to conserves water and energy and implement sustainable and organic practices on our farm, including: cover crop, crop rotation, no-till, black mulch, permaculture and biodynamic farming.

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  • Live Organically

Live Organically
Oak Grove, MN


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