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At Krishna’s Delight, the motto is “Stealing your heart with divine delights.” The 3 partners, Shashikant Bhojraj (PKD), Anurupa Maheshwari (Anasuya) and Susan Jensen (Gopika) have been lifelong friends/associates. Over the years they have worked together on different food projects, having embraced a Vedic food lifestyle for over 20 years/ lifelong. They are therefore well acquainted with the diversity, benefits and sustainability offered in both India’s cuisine and in other world cuisines. They started Krishna’s Delight as a humble side effort. They are now at multiple farmers markets and at numerous events in the Twin Cities.

“We believe the success we have is more to do with our spiritual practices than culinary prowess. We cook with a certain gratefulness towards the divine energy, God or whoever, that has given us all these gifts. There are so many people who contribute in order for the food to come to our table, from the farmer to the umpteen people involved. We cannot go around thanking everyone, unfortunately, but we can at least thank the source of it all, and through that, hope that the thankfulness will go to everybody. We three firmly believe that it’s that thankfulness that is what people are tasting as different. We believe that it is that thankfulness that actually reaches people and satisfies them at a very different level.”

Their friendships around the world have shaped their cooking to include dishes and flavors from areas of the world like Australia, Europe, and East Asia resulting in unique and complex flavors with a creative blend of medicinal Indian spicing, such as turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, etc.

Their menu is predominantly plant based (includes dairy). They offer a wide variety of global choices in food and drinks uniquely refreshing and new. Meals, wraps, snacks, and drinks will be their prominent offering at the market. All offerings are also allium free.

Krishna’s Delight


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Next market: Saturday, April 20

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Saturday, April 20


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