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Note: 2022 was Jabà noodles’ last season at the Mill City Farmers Market. To visit their website or sign up for their newsletter, click here.

Jabà noodles is a Taiwanese street food company. It is a passion project from a husband and wife team Sakina and Ryan Lee Shafer who LOVE good food and want to share healthy, easy meal options with their community. They launched with “Liang Men” which means cold noodles, a very popular street food in Taiwan. It’s composed of authentic Taiwanese noodles (available in wheat or gluten free) with fresh local julienned veggies; your choice of tofu, chicken or pork; fried shallots; cilantro; garlic water; and signature sesame sauce.

Jabà noodles mainly sells online and at pop-up events in Breweries and farmers markets.

  • Jaba Noodles

Jabà Noodles
Minneapolis, MN


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