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Horner’s Corner is a maple syrup operation, owned and operated by Stephen Horner. Located about 8 miles north of Boyceville, WI, Stephen and his team have been making maple syrup for over 25 years (even when it was just in pans on a wood fire!) They have maple syrup available in a variety of sizes: 12 oz. in glass, pints in plastic or glass, quarts in glass and plastic, although their best deals are 1/2 gallons in glass or a gallon in plastic. Horner’s Corner also, has seasonal fruit available at the markets in the summer and fall, including gooseberries, pears and apples.

The work starts sometime in January, when Steve and his partners, Sam and Mike, start tapping the trees.  The sap flows when the daytime temperature reaches above 32 degrees and nighttime temperatures fall below freezing.  Around these parts, we expect the sap to start flowing sometime in early March.  Typically, the season then runs about 4-5 weeks.  In 2016, they took 30,000 gallons of sap and turned it into maple syrup.

You’ll find you can use maple syrup for so many things other than pancakes and waffles.  We use it to sweeten tea and coffee (both hot and iced), oatmeal, salad dressings, sauces, cocktails….there’s so much you can do.

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