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Honken Dahlias is an urban dahlia farm located in the north end of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Owner Nathan Honken and his crew grow over 100 varieties of premium dahlias for cut flowers and tubers using organic practices.

Growing flowers without the use of chemicals cuts into my bottom line, but protecting the community  and world that I live in is more important to me. I am building the soil on the lot that I grow on and each year improves on the last which I believe defines sustainability. I use heavy mulch and drip irrigate when the sun has set in order to conserve a water. I add several yards of compost to me growing beds each season. Insects are controlled using organic practices which is typically just dropping beetles into soapy water.

Find high-quality, beautiful dahlias at the market every Saturday mid-summer to late September. For updates throughout the growing season, follow Honken Dahlias on Facebook.