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An except from Edina Living Magazine, written by Susan Baldani:

“Scott Harness has been a real estate broker for 35 years and owns Owner Options Realty in Edina. It’s a great job and pays the bills, but his real passion is fly tying and fly fishing. Last year, he founded Feather Thief in order to share his love for the sport. The name comes from a book he read about Edwin Rist, a professional flute player who would travel around Europe playing concerts and events, and who was also an avid fly tyer.

Scott, who’s going to be 64 this year, came to the point where he enjoyed the flies that he tied and giving them to friends as much as he enjoyed watching people or helping them to learn how to fish. “I had as much fun sitting on the riverside saying, ‘Cast over here’ or ‘Do this,’ and that’s how I became a guide.”

Feather Thief specializes in teaching beginners. “That seems to be my forte,” he says. “I take people on their journey and teach them how to tie it, cast it, and catch it.” Scott says you can catch all types of fish with a fly. “It can imitate a minnow, a crayfish, a leech, a bug, and anything else, so you can catch everything from bass to muskies.”

[At MCFM] Scott sells custom-tied flies in a gift tin. “Each one is slightly uniquely because
the feathers are all slightly different,” he says.”

Feather Thief Fly Fishing


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