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Note: Ever Wild Herbal Company is currently on a small business sabbatical – click here to learn more.

Ever Wild Herbal Company is a body care company founded in 2016 by farmer and maker Gina Kuhn. Gina formulates and handmakes bath and beauty products, salves, serums, lotions, essential oils and herbal remedies from botanicals she grows and harvests on her farm.

“Sustainable and ethical sourcing is incredibly important to my company. If I need an ingredient that I cannot grow or ethically harvest from my land, I source it from small organic herb farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin.”

While Ever Wild Herbal Company focuses on bioregional herbalism and rarely uses exotic ingredients, for a few herbs and products like cocoa butter, coconut and shea that are unavailable locally, Gina buys organic and fair-trade certified ingredients.

The Ever Wild Herbal Company seeks to empower and connect our community to the Earth by providing education and intentionally crafted botanical medicines and herbal goods. Gina believes that by supporting deep connections and authentic relationships with the wild places of the Earth, we reclaim the health and healing of our inner selves and, in turn, remember and protect the health and healing of our collective environment.

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Ever Wild Herbal Company
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