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Note: Dragonfly Bay Garlic Company will be out for the 2024 season. Check back next year!

Dragonfly Bay Garlic Company is a farm growing superior quality, gourmet and heirloom hardneck garlic varieties in Isanti and Hackensack, Minnesota for seed and culinary uses. Founded in 2019 with a goal to share knowledge and unique regional varieties of garlic for anyone who wants to eat it or grow it, the farm uses regenerative farming practices for exceptional flavor.

“Many in our family, especially our Grandfather, have always loved to garden and grow garlic. We’ve wanted to engage in a family business  together for many years. In 2010, we acquired the 5.1 acre property on what we lovingly call Dragonfly Bay on Webb Lake near Hackensack, Minnesota. We quickly realized that this land presented us with the perfect opportunity and location for growing something of our own. So after several years of conducting much research, talking with many garlic farmers, connecting with the MN Premium Garlic Project and other growers, and experimenting a lot, we landed in the garlic growing world. In Fall 2019 we excitedly planted our first crop planned for market on just under a half acre of our sunny back field overlooking our beautiful, glistening lake. This pristine setting, formerly a natural hay field, is where we spend our summers fishing, swimming, cooking, laughing, and adventuring alongside the thousands of dragonflies that naturally gravitate here.” -Colleen Brennan

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Dragonfly Bay Garlic Company
Hackensack, MN


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