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Hand prepared with love, DervishMazza is an authentic taste of the Middle East/ Mediterranean……

Born in Cairo, Mo grew up in a loving household where his mother’s cooking, and the surrounding Egyptian culture, etched his worldview. Every morning, his grandfather prepared fūl—a savory stew of fava beans—for the workers at a local textile factory. This nurturing morning ritual of savoring fūl awakened his palette and set his culinary course.

His first job was at a French bakery down the street from his childhood home. Later on, Mo’s passion for cooking was molded by years in France and nearly two decades at renowned kitchens in New York City. Upon settling in Minneapolis, he founded DervishMazza, an intimate hospitality concept that offers the very best of Mo’s cuisine and warm hospitality, dinner events, private catering and more.

‘Mazza’ is an Egyptian word, and I chose it because I’d like you to be a part of my world. Before I ever moved to southern France, then New York City, and now Minneapolis, I spent my childhood on the Nile River in bustling, talkative, delicious Cairo, Egypt, where entire meals can be made out of little plates of colorful and intensely flavorful mazza, usually accompanied by the wonderful bread of Egypt, which we call eish, meaning “living.” Because what is life without good food and good bread? -Mo Kotb, Founder

Dervish Mazza


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