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Create Laser Arts is the collaboration of three local artists to make imaginative laser-engraved goods and hand-made functional wares in wood, paper, leather, stone and acrylic. We make items that reflect our artistic vision using reclaimed materials. We make unique wood coasters, jewelry, magnets, small boxes, salt cellars, cabin wares, trivets and more. We also provide laser engraving and cutting services to artists, individuals and small businesses seeking to customize products and objects. We are based in the Seward neighborhood of South Minneapolis.

We make items that reflect our artistic vision using reclaimed materials. Our ultimate goal is to turn waste materials into something useable and beautiful. We are eco-conscious and the images we generate reflect our values and our connection to nature: images of vegetables, trees, animals, bicycles, vegetable and meat cuts–artichoke and tree earrings, for example. We choose to use found materials, and reclaim useable waste from local businesses and educational facilities; even the smallest scrap can be made into something new.

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  • Create Laser Arts

Create Laser Arts
Minneapolis, MN


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Outdoor Market
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Saturday, June 11
Saturday, July 2
Saturday, October 15


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