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Clover Bee Farm is the creation of Andrew and Margaret Hanson-Pierre. In 2015 the farm started out on rented land with humble beginnings. In 2018 they moved to their permanent farm just north of Taylors Falls. They continue to tend to the land and experience how it humbles them to this day.

The farm is run primarily by Andrew and Margo with the help of a few volunteers as they grow over 120 different varieties of vegetables on 2.5 acres. As time has gone by they have moved their farm to low-till practices focusing on soil health and what makes sense for them. They do not own a tractor or a tiller. Their hope is to leave the land they occupy better than they found it by implementing low-till and conservation practices. In addition to that, they would like to inspire others to think of farming from a different perspective and wonder how things could be done differently. Those are two things, among many, that drive the farm forward.

The name of the farm does not relate to honey, but without pollinators many vegetables would not exist. The poem “To Make A Prairie”, by Emily Dickinson inspired the farm name.

Clover Bee Farm
Shafer, MN

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