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Blue Hummingbird Woman is a “Heart Medicine” Indigenous Gift Shop. Their goal is to highlight and invest in Indigenous artists & creators. They focus on hand-crafted, wild harvested, plant-based herbal remedies, salves, balms, body butters, oils, soaps, tea, maple, honey, and more. They also honor the art of various indigenous artists from all over Turtle Island. Showcasing beautiful art such as; beadwork, jewelry, canvas prints, wood work, & unique clothing designs. The gift shop’s mission is to uplift the Indigenous community and all of their gifts, and also gift people who visit the shop with handmade, heartfelt creations!

Tanaǧidaŋ To Wiŋ (Tara) is Lower Sioux Dakota and White Earth Ojibwe. She grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Tanaǧidaŋ To Wiŋ is the mother of two sons. She is the author of Takoza: Walks With the Blue Moon Girl, Animals of Khéya Wíta, Animals of Nimaamaa-Aki, and Our Love Language. Tara is inspired by the loving hearts of her sons: she is a creator, plant medicine enthusiast, and has always loved to write. She believes in the healing power of storytelling. Tara was raised by her grandmother and learned how to cultivate a sacred relationship with our plant relatives at a young age. As a child, and teenager she would write poetry that spoke of her love for Maká Uŋčí (Mother Earth). Her poem “Heart Warriors” was the first Dakota poem to be stamped into the sidewalks of Saint Paul. Tara continues to honor the traditional medicine teachings of her grandmothers and creates plant based balms, creams, soaps and more. It is important to Tara that she teaches everyone the importance of protecting our earth and water. Mother Earth is one of the first spirits gifted to all of us, and she is our oldest grandmother!

“Čhaŋté Wadítaka
Thokáta wičhóičhaǧe kiŋ,
Tókhetu thaŋíŋ šni kiŋháŋ dé abdéza; Wačhéuŋničičhiyapi,
Nakúŋ wóuŋničihdakapi!
Čhaŋté waníditake!
Nakáȟ, nihákab naúŋžiŋpi!”
English translation:
“Heart Warriors
Grandchildren of the future:
When times are uncertain please know this.
We prayed for you,
we danced for you,
we sang for you,
we planted seeds for you,
and we spoke for you!
Your heart is strong!
And now, we stand behind you!”

Blue Hummingbird Woman
St. Paul, MN


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